It’s happened, people: THE END! The tie-it-up-with-a-bow grand finale of season 8 of RHOC. And what an end it was. But first:

* Tay Armstrong is engaged to her finally-divorced boyfriend. The news was slipped to various tabloid outlets with an assortment of product placements (ring designer, hotel location of proposal, etc.) attached.

* Whatever conclusion would appear to have been reached on last night’s finale about Vic and Donn2, it would seem she is in fact still letting him have his filthy way with her based on recent sightings and Vic’s vague are-we-or-aren’t-we comments.

* One thing that’s not happening is the long-suffering Chateau Sheree. It seems the property is headed into foreclosure, and the warranties on the sheetrock or whatever that paper stuff is has expired therefore it’s going to be pennies on the dollar for this unfinished property.

* And in Grifter Guidice news, today RealityTea reports that last weekend a fracas broke out on a New Jersey beach when Juicy Joe did not want to pay $5 per head for … Continue reading

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We’re almost there! Just one more explosive reunion segment to go and we can put this OC season to bed. I need a little less silicone and cubic zirconia in my life for a while, personally. In the news:

* Kim Zolciak Biermann is not just knocked up again, she’s knocked up with TWINS! She’s got the two older daughters, a 1-year-old, and a 2-year-old. And next a pair of redheaded baby chimpanzees. Good grief.

* The Vicki’s Vodka lawsuit against Vicki that seemed settled appears to be back on, this time in Froot Loops flavor.

* Also being sued is Eddie Judge, for wrongful termination. It seems before he was a fitness instructor he managed his father’s law firm (as a non-lawyer) and one of the firm’s actual lawyers was fired for questioning the firm’s ethical practices, specifically as pertain to Eddie and whether he was practicing law without a license, as well as overbilling. This really should have been a big fat bar complaint first which makes me suspicious.

* RadarOnline has an … Continue reading


Here we go: part one of the “epic” three part RHOC reunion! This is not a group of people who like each other better now that season 8 has ended, so this ought to be swell. But first:

* Exclusive scoop people! Vicki Gunvalson IS still dating Donn2! How do I know? A friend of a friend saw (and photographed) them together this weekend in Seattle. Vic was wearing a skintight, age-inappropriate and unflattering Herve Leger bandage dress and sky-high stilettos, and Donn2 was described as looking “smarmy as always”. So there you go.

* In other Vic news, her son-in-law Ryan Culberson is in what my mother would call deep caca over his vicious treatment of Puff Mommy in last week’s finale episode. The Marines are supposedly investigating him for conduct issues, and RealityTea has uncovered records of past domestic violence charges against Ryan. Eeeek!

* The ‘Wife in the deepest caca, Teresa Guidice, continues to roll on as though nothing has happened.

* The RHs of BH and NY continue to film. … Continue reading

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