We’re in the OC again, b*tches! Back to the grandmammy of them all, and how things have changed. We’ve cycled through Jo, Jeana, Tammy Knickerbocker, Quinn, Lynne, Fernanda… but it looks like Lauri Waring Peterson is coming back with a vengeance this season! Good times!
Since last week, here’s the news:
* First of all, the NBC “upfronts”, where they market programming to potential advertisers, is underway, and today’s big announcements are that RHONJ will premiere on June 2, and RHONY is coming back and will start filming this month. No actual cast announced for RHONY, however. This gets curiouser and curiouser.
* Other big east coast news is that the annual RHONJ filed fistfighting fracas broke out over the weekend, this time at the opening of the new Posche boutique. Nothing says The Lord is Risen than a bloody brawl over the holy weekend. Parties involved seem to be all the Househusbands and that weird bald sh*tstarter who launched last year’s Posche Fashion Show Crisis, and causes seem to include various allegations of infidelity and, weirdly, suggestions the Lauritas have made up their son’s autism diagnosis.
* Also in NJ, Joe Guidice is going to trial on his fake driver’s license charge on May 28. That’s what they say.
* Down in Atlanta, new Housewife Porsha Stewart was surprised to receive divorce papers from her husband, former Denver Bronco Kordell Stewart, last week. My sister sold Kordell Stewart a car once and she, for one, is not surprised.
* In other Atlanta marital news, the much-rumored remarriage of NeNe and Gregg Leakes is on, and Kim Zolciak Biermann IS invited to the wedding! The world just keeps coming full circle.
* On the west coast, after suggesting in last week’s Bravo blog that she was not coming back to the BH next year, Marisa is now hinting on Twitter that it still might happen (if she steps it up a notch). Meanwhile Feige’s few friends have let on to various tabloids that she wants nothing further to do with RHOBH and thank you baby Jesus!
Let’s get to it – the 8th season of OC awaits!

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