Hey dere, hosers! Another week, another round of good times with some angry blondes on the loose in Canada. But first:

* Lucky Vic Gunvalson was dismissed from the “Vicki’s Vodka” suit this week, although Donn2 is still on the hook. In unrelated news, a friend of mine spotted her at LaGuardia this week and says she looked thinner than on the TV and was accompanied by a very peculiar pocket gay. A friend of that friend tells me that Vic’s insurance business is legitimately very successful and that she’s the real deal. I will doubt no more.

* In other legal news, Kenya Moore has been evicted from the house she was renting for RHOA purposes, although she claims that she somehow won the eviction proceedings. She wanted to be living in a box on the corner! She’s also getting more dough to come back to RHOA, says RealityTea. I thought I’d heard she was out, but I don’t watch that show anyway so whatever. Only so much of this crap I can take.

* Up the coast, Kim D. and new RHONJ FOH Jennifer Dalton (the realtor with the Jacqueline Wildenstein face and the RuPaul for MAC makeup) clearly hate each other and are getting into it on Twitter and the news pages. Kim D. alleges that Jennifer has a criminal history, handed off three of her four kids to their baby daddies, and lives with Lil’ Kim because she has no money. There have been allegations of “terroristic threats” but I am no longer sure by whom against whom, and don’t think it matters a whole lot.

* Back in Cali, Lynne Curtin has had a hefty tax lien filed against her by the state of California. Oops! Also, never one to miss a chance to put in her two cents, Tay Armstrong has shared her deep and abiding concern about The Glands’ drunken welfare with whatever media outlet took time to ask her about it. She can relate, and is so glad someone else is in the suitcase now.

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