Hellooo! Hope you had a festive Fourth and managed to stay out from under the table. Unlike some people….

* Such as The Glands who got into a public fracas with Mr. and Mrs. Leann in front of the kidlets at Nobu last week, followed by getting full-on naked wasted in London last night per Radar Online. The fact that she was basically wearing nothing but a sheer scarf and a thong made for some truly astounding photos.

* Down in the OC, Lauri and Vic continue their tit-for-tat about Lauri’s return to the show and the gossip cycle. More on that later.

* Also in the OC, it seems Simon Barney would not permit the little Barnsmells to appear on the Tammy and Eddie wedding special. He has actually not permitted the Barnsmells to appear on RHOC at all since he and Tammy split, and his reasoning (that he’s not around to weigh in on the appropriateness of scenes that include them) seems quite fair enough, especially given the deep regret so many of our former RHOC Housekids have expressed recently over their roles on the show. Hilariously, though, Simon claims the show’s reputation has changed and NOW it’s embarrassing.

* In New Jersey, both Kim D. and one of Tre’s inside people have taken to Twitter and the blogosphere to insist that Tre was edited to look bad on this week’s episode where Mel’s former bridesmaid announced that Mel had cheated on Gorilla Joe. Tre supposedly got up and walked off and we didn’t get to see it. Well alright then!

* Up in NYC, someone is leaking news about the new RHONY season to the NY Daily News. It seems that Aviva has been kissing and hugging up to Mo Singer, which really annoys her, and has turned on Carole. Also, SoMo is on the outs. And we STILL don’t have a toaster oven!

Enough of that, it’s time to make a run for the border, kids!


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