Happy 4th! So no recap last week because the 100th episode itself was basically a recap, and I didn’t think there was much to write about other than Lauri’s weird upper lip. It’s like she got it fired up with some injections and got too much on one side of the philtrum, which pairs nicely with the frozen face effect. Only her jaw moves, have you noticed? I’m not even sure she blinks. In the news:

* NeNe and Gregg got remarried and lots of reality “stars” were on hand including Gretch and Shady Slade and Jill ZAAAAAAAArin. Bravo spent a lot of cash on this affair. Meh.

* Among the guests was Kim Zolciak Biermann, whose fifth pregnancy, the worst kept secret in reality TV history, was officially confirmed on the season finale of “Don’t Be Tardy”. Several photographs of Kim allegedly smoking while pregnant have been posted hither and thither and that’s just gross.

* Mo Singer went to Africa on vacation and the Kountess reveals she was attacked by a wild animal on her trip. Please let there have been cameras!

* Vicki Gunvalson went to Las Vegas last week and got served with papers which made her cry. In what could be related news, Donn2 posted several bitter Tweets about Vic last week which seem to indicate their tawdry relationship is dunzo for reals, as the Laguna Beach kids would have said.

* And finally: someone has announced to the greater Oklahoma City area that they are casting an OKC based Housewives franchise, and desperate ladies are coming out in droves. We get lots and lots of rumors of new “Housewives” franchises all day and night, and what they usually turn out to be are pilots producers are shooting using the same general formula in hopes they get picked up as a franchise. I am pretty sure the rumored Scottsdale franchise is what turned out to be “Baseball Wives”, for example. I just don’t think Mr. Andy is interested in the flyover states so I am not going to be holding my breath.

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