Why hello! Hope you had a lovely Father’s Day. Lots of news in the last week:

* The biggest, of course, is that our very own Tammy Sue got married on Saturday at the St. Regis Hotel in Dana Point, I believe. Plenty of photos floating around but RealityTea has some great ones taken by a reader who happened to be staying at the hotel and had an amazing view of the events. My favorites are the ones where you can see that just on the other side of the vow-taking spot is the swimming pool where all sorts of normal people were paddling around unawares. Heather and Vicki were bridesmaids and it looks like Tammy had a Man of Honor. I can’t tell if it was son Ryan or not but he looks older. She also had three dresses (I’ve only seen the actual vow dress which looked very CMA Awards to me) and they rigged some weird contraption involving a bicycle, chandeliers, and flowers to hang over the altar. So there’s that. Television event to follow. Oh, and all the ‘Wives were there. Per RadarOnline Gretch got her invite very last minute.

* In other OC news, Vicki and Donn2 are promising to countersue the poker player who last week filed suit against them. What this drivel is all about remains to be seen.

* Rumors abound that Kim Zolciak Biermann is pregnant AGAIN, and she was photographed swanning around some beach in a white bikini with a mighty pooch and SMOKING. Keeping it klassy. I want to know how many professional athletes have wives that smoke like chimneys. Just one?

* The Glands responded to some crack by Tay Armstrong that Tay’s just jealous because she got demoted to FOH. Can it be true? Please, Mr. Andy! Oh, please!

* RHONY is filming and passersby in the Hamptons have spilled the beans to RadarOnline that things seem mightily staged, with retakes and the sort. I was once on an El with the kids from the Real World Chicago (Kyle and Keri, specifically) and I have to say I was surprised and impressed by the surreptitious camera crew. There were a good 8 people there and I didn’t even notice them for a solid 15 minutes. So if the RH people aren’t trying that hard, well…. I think we all knew that was how this sausage was made.

* And finally: Jacqueline and Chris Laurita have forestalled the foreclosure on their house.

Let’s get it on, people!

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